Ladies Dominate Forbes List Of Highest Paid Celebs Under 30

4 years ago

Its official, Taylor Swift is the highest paid celebrity under the age of 30!

Thanks to the cash counters over at Forbes theyve tabulated the earnings for young celebs between May 2011 and May 2012 across all famous fields (excluding sports) and Taylor Swift, Rihanna, Lady Gaga, and Katy Perry all made the top 5!

The only young male star richer than these ladies was pop prince Justin Bieber, who made $55 million last year, but not enough to eclipse Taylor Swifts $57 million.

T-Swifts insane income comes from the fact that she spends her entire life on tour, which is how artists make their money. Its not from album sales. Taylor reportedly makes $1 million per night when she goes on tour. She also earns big bucks from her CoverGirl campaign.

Bieber makes his money from music sales and concerts, but didnt tour last year so his paychecks mostly come from his endorsements for products like Proactiv and his small-time venture capitalism. Hes invested in start-ups like Stamped, Tinychat and Spotify.

Rihanna solidified her spot at #3 with $53 million Its hard to believe she makes LESS than T-Swift seeing as Rihanna releases one album per year and is rarely NOT touring, but $53 million isnt exactly nothing. She also makes cash from endorsements with Vita Coco, Armani, and Nivea.

Lady Gaga, at only 26 years old (I know right, I thought she was pushing 30 too), was last years top earner but slid a few spots to #4 because she didnt do a massive tour in the last year. In this last year, she made $52 million thanks to multiple hit songs and her latest album. She still makes millions off music sales.

Katy Perry rounds out the top five with $45 million thanks to her massive California Dreams Tour which grossed nearly $60 million. Katy also boasts five No. 1 singles from the same album.

Highest-Paid Stars Under 30

1) Taylor Swift $57 million
2) Justin Bieber $55 million
3) Rihanna $52 million
4) Lady Gaga $52 million
5) Katy Perry $45 million
6) Adele $35 million
7) Kristen Stewart $34.5 million
8) Lil Wayne $27 million
9) Taylor Lautner $26.5 million
10) Robert Pattinson $26.5 million

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