Lacura Eye Shadow amp Foundation Haul!

5 years ago

We recently got a grocery chain here on the East coast named ALDI. I go there once in a while to pick up some items for the house and milk since its the cheapest around. While browsing around I noticed they had a cosmetics section. I wasnt sure if I wanted to try it, but I decided to just go ahead and pick up 2 eye shadows and a foundation. The greatest part of this? ALL of these items are only 99 cents! Why are they 99 cents? Thats just the pricing structure for them BUT I do want to note these products are being discontinued from US-based stores, but from what I understand they will continue to sell them overseas. I had swatched the eye shadows on my hand at least a month ago and was like Oh wow these are pigmented! and my BF was looking at me like I was crazy because I was fawning over makeup AGAIN. So I left them there telling myself I didnt need anything else. But I went back and after picking up some items for the house I decided to splurge a little and get some makeup. Figuring for a dollar if its garbage, oh well. Sadly they only had 2 color shades of eye shadows available and foundation, the other eye shadows are gone which means I probably wont find them unless I start calling the other ALDIs in my area and traveling out to them which probably wont happen.

Heres a little background information on the Lacura brand from the ALDI website which is associated with the Lacura brand. The brand is:
Critically acclaimed & award winning
Its made from natural ingredients like candelilla wax & avocado oil
Contains the same ingredients that are in the expensive cosmetic brands
Costs up to 95-percent less than name brands
Dermatologist tested
Products are not tested on animals
Fragrance free

The packaging is pretty standup and wasnt what I expected. I was expecting some cheap, plastic, but its pretty sturdy and a glassy metal case.

<strong>The three products I picked up and paid 99 cents for are as follows:</strong>
- Foundation 40 Bronze. This is a great match for my skin tone, it the slight sheen it gives reminds me of Garniers BB cream. <em>The box claims the following: The soft and pleasant texture of LACURA foundation leaves your skin silky smooth and shin-efree while providing optimum coverage power. The formula with aloe vera and shea butter contains no perfumes, moisturizing the skin and leaving it feeling wonderfully soft.</em>
- 302 Lilac Eye Shadow Duo (for some reason my camera is photographing the up close shot more grey and white than lilac and purple - but you can see the true color in the 1st photo). This comes with a very light lilac shade and a deeper purple. <em>The box claims the following: LACURA Duo Eyeshadow in perfectly coordinated color combinations for perfect eye make up. Finely textured LACURA Dup Eyeshadow is easy to apply and long lasting. LACURA Duo Eyeshadow fits perfectly in any handbag and has a mirror and applicator inside.</em>
- 101 Cocoa Eyeshadow Duo. This comes with a darker brown and a lighter yellow/tan shade.

Do you have an ALDI store nearby?
Have you ever tried the LACURA brand?

Images are mine do not take or use. Thank you.

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