Lactose Intolerance

I`ve been researching this disease for a science project, so i`ll let you guys know a little bit about it.

Being lactose intolerant is often confused with a milk allergy. It is the lack of lactase enzymes, or inability to digest lactose (the sugar found in milk) It can be caused by a number of reasons: premature birth, having fewer lactase enzymes from congenital absence due to a mutation in the gene that is responsible for producing lactase(a rare cause) it is commonly caused developmentally. A decrease in the amount of lactase that occurs after childhood called adult-hypo lactasia.

You can`t really prevent it, but you can eat yogurt with active live culture and drink milk with meals, not alone.

If you have lactose intolerance, there is no cure, just really avoid products with lactose, milk/dairy products. Don`t worry, if you love dairy and have lactose intolerance, there are special, lactose-free foods and you can also take lactase enzyme supplements to help increase the enzymes in your stomach.

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