L.A.Colors Color Craze Polish- SHOCK *swatches*

5 years ago

Hey everyone!

I have bought quite a few of the L.A.Color Craze nail polish with hardeners. I love the color selection and the formula of these. I am not a fan of yellow personally but thought I`d give it a try since my niece was trying to convince me to like yellow lol since she loves the colour!

I have always stayed away from yellow. There is nothing yellow in my closet or my room. I hate how it looks on me. It really does not look good on my complexion. Well I think so!

Anyways, I give yellow a chance and picked up the yellow L.A.color craze polish called SHOCK! It is a darker yellow shade but it is vibrant.Not a dead yellow colour. It is a very yellow colour. However unlike my other color craze polish which I love,I do not not like the finish to this polish.

It dried sort of matte,don`t you hate when that happens? So a top coat is needed to get the glossy look. Also I did only 2 coats but I think 3 coats will be needed to get a more opaque yellow. I didn`t bother with the 3 coats because I took it off right after.

This color is a miss for me. It looks horrible on my skintone. So I proved that yellow is just not my colour :)

This doesn`t mean it will look bad on you. It`s just not for me.
However I do not regret buying this polish because it is perfect for flowers! I have used this colour for nail art designs and it works perfect.

So if you need a yellow for that purpose,you can get this for $1USD at a dollar store.

What do you think of this polish? BE HONEST lol

DISCLAIMER: These photos belong to me!

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