Labelbox Application Review!

What is Labelbox? A free application that you can add labels to your photo. There are a total of 15 stickers to chose from once you download the free paper labels too. But you could also purchase additional stickers for a cost too (but I didn`t).

How do I normally use Labelbox? I would edit photos on Pic Stitch then use Labelbox to add labels to the photo.

Thoughts? It`s a easy application to use just to add stickers especially like if you`re to fixing your photos up for Instagram, Facebook or something.

Overall? The application is self explanatory just adding stickers like captions only. You can`t do much with the application, it`d be nice if the application had more features though.

Is this a must download app? Not really but it`s just fun to have if you have space.

<strong>Do you know any good photo editor apps?</strong> I am still looking for a good photo editor!

Photo via Print Screen from my Apple iPhone 5.
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