La Tomatina Festival, A Tomato Food Fight!

5 years ago

Considered one of the world`s biggest food fights, La Tomatina is an annual festival held in Buñol eastern Spain on the last Wednesday in August. This extremely messy festival takes place on the towns main square and Calle del Cid, in a relatively small village who guests more than 40,000 visitors during this time. With over 240,000 pounds (108,900 kg) of squashed tomatoes, the fight lasts an hour starting at 11AM, until a gun is fired signaling to stop the fight. There are a couple of rules including to the battle including, only squashed tomatoes must be thrown to prevent injury, no tearing of the clothes, and goggles recommended. After the festival, firefighters hose down the streets and participants either hose down themselves or go to a near lake to wash up.

I know some of you luuuxers are from spain and I`m dying to know, <strong> Has anyone participated in this festival before? And if not, would you like to go? </strong>
Without a doubt, I will be attending this festival when I travel to Spain. Am I the only one who always wanted to take part in a huge food fight as a kid? My dreams live on..

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