LA Colours Auto Eyeliner

*Please do not mind my really weird face in that pic.*

Ok ladies we all know how much we love make-up, most girls don`t leave the house without some on whether it`s everything you`ve got to just some eyeliner and mascara. I`m here to tell you today about a piece of make-up we girls can`t live with out... Eyeliner!

Today I`m going to be reviewing the LA Colours Auto Eyeliner and what can I say about it other than it... Sucks! it`s the worst eyeliner I`ve ever had in my life. When I first got it I had the worst time getting it to turn the eyeliner out, I had to take the bottom of it off and take the actual eyeliner out and put it back in. Then I had to do the same thing when I tried using it today. I had to do it some many times that the eyeliner stuff broke, and it`s one of those eyeliners that is really really light and you have to keep running it over to get the colour you want. I guess this is why you spend more than a dollar on eyeliner now a days.

In the long run ladies don`t waste your time with it like I did, save yourselves from the madness this eyeliner causes. Pay that extra dollar or whatever for good eyeliner.

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