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LA CASA GELATO in VANCOUVER So, last night my boyfriend and I went out for dinner with some friends. And for dessert, we decided to get some ice-cream. In Vancouver, we have this places called They have a long history in Vancouver. Theyve been around for over 20 years so for as long as I can remember. Plus! They make all their waffles in house (I actually knew that and not just because it says it on your website). They have a bajillion flavours well not a bajillion but according to their website, they have 518. They have anything from chocolate, to WASABI! To kiwi sorbets, to curry to anything you can imagine. They do actually make cakes and certain Italian pasteries as well. They are even super great because they have longer hours, from 11 in the morning till 11 in the night which means that theyre perfect for after dinner! The only thing that would be consider a con about them is the fact that it costs around $5-$6 a scoop after taxes and everything. Not that expensive, but you can probably go to Dairy Queen and pay a little less. I just feel like its great to contribute to a local business! And because they make it themselves, its probably a little healthier. Im sure you can google them and be able to find information on them, or just clink on their name above, I linked it to their websites. They have cakes that arent bad! You just have to find the right combinations. Theyre quite creative with the cakes too not like Cake Boss but better then the average. They have lots of great pastries but Ive only tried their Canolies. I dont know if theyre amazing or not cause I havent ate too many in my lifetime, but I definitely have no complaints. I know it looks like all four of us got similar flavours, but we all got something different (from left to right) Tiramisu, Ferro Roche, Kahlua, and Cappuccino with Chocolate Chunks (which is mine). Plus I also included a panoramic picture of one side of the place (YAY FOR IPHONE5!) bonus points if you can guess which one is me. *pictures belong to me*

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