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4 years ago

This is the second of three Lolita Lempica perfumes that I recently purchased. This was the perfume that initially called my attention and started my purchase. As I researched Lolita Lempicka, I became intrigued and just kept adding more from that house to my cart. While the original Lolita Lempicka was created by Annick Menardo, L De Lolita Lempicka was not. This one was created by Maurice Roucel in 2006. He is known for other fragrances such as DKNY Be Delicious for women, Guess for women, Harajuku Lovers Wicked Style Love, etc. Looking at the fun, blue bottle with gold netting on it you`d think this would have a very beachy, tropical smell. Not even a little bit. That couldn`t be further from the reality of what is inside. The juice is the complete opposite of what you`re anticipating. For me, this is absolutely a fall/winter perfume that is more warm and cozy. It isn`t something I`d want to sport in hot weather. While talking about the bottle and the juice inside...this is one that is notorious for being finicky and changing color. It starts out as a beautiful blue, but because of the vanilla in it, it can change to a dark amber color if exposed to light over a period of time. It won`t change the scent at all, but will change the appearance. Just a heads up that I felt I should mention. This one opens in a very, very strong wall of black licorice. I find this incredibly strange because no where is licorice or anise listed as one of the notes for top, middle, or base. It is nowhere to be found. However, I swear to you that is what it opens up to me as. Thank goodness this only lasts for about 2 minutes, though. If it lasted any longer I would give up on this perfume. They claim it is a bitter orange to open. Once it starts to settle on the skin it starts to warm. The licorice nearly completely goes away. There is the very tiniest hint remaining...and from someone who doesn`t care for licorice scents, it is nice. Just the tiniest bit is actually nice. It is so small that it works in the over-all picture of the fragrance. I can smell cinnamon rolling in and warming up the whole fragrance. It becomes a more cozy perfume. I can pick up on hints of vanilla but it mixes with the cinnamon and keeps it from being a typical vanilla that you`d find in every fragrance store in the fall/winter. The longer it sits the stronger the vanilla comes out. It remains a warm vanilla, though. A warm, musky vanilla is the only thing that comes to mind. It isn`t a cheap, artificial kind of vanilla. It is delicious. I watched a video by RedHeadPHD on YouTube, who described this as an orange glazed cinnamon roll scent... I can kind of see that. For me, that comes in to play once it has been on the skin for about an hour and some odd minutes, though. It is once it has really settled down that it turns to a glazed cinnamon pastry. While this has sweet, foodie notes, I don`t think this is an overly young scent. I don`t think the teenage crowd would enjoy it overly much. I think the women in their 20s and beyond who still enjoy a delicious gourmand but don`t want to smell like the zillions of others wearing foodie smells are the ones who will most appreciate this perfume. There are a lot of MEN who like to wear this perfume. I don`t know... wearing it, myself, I can`t imagine my husband wearing it. I don`t know that I`d enjoy smelling it on him. There are notes that make it so that I can understand men pulling it off, but I can say I don`t want my husband wearing it. Especially once it has fully reached its base notes, I don`t think I`d like like it as much on a man. But, to each their own, right? If you are a man who enjoys scents marketed towards women, so be it! And the other way around. This is just my two cents. I already said in my review of Lolita Lempicka by Lolita Lempicka that I will be enjoying that one through the colder months. The same goes for this one. I will be alternating between the two and then an amber fragrance I have in my collection. This is the perfect time to fully enjoy L, I think. It has the coziness that meshes well with with the chill in the air and the layering of scarves, boots, and sweaters. Plus, I enjoy that it really clings. When I say that, I mean it CLINGS! This baby isn`t going anywhere once you have spritzed it on. I can put some on at, say, noon and go about my day, shower at night, go to sleep, wake up the next morning and late in the morning I will still detect traces of it on my wrists. I suppose it is a good thing that I absolutely adore this perfume, huh? The official notes are:
Top: bitter orange, bergamont
Mid: immortelle, cinnamon, musk
Base: tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood
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