Kumquat from my Garden

4 years ago

Kumquat is a type of citrus. You can eat it just is with or without skin on. Yup, you can eat the skin. Well, I would only do that if you have them growing in your own garden since the ones you get from stores might have pesticides on the skin. But these here were from my own garden from plants which I bought from Costco about 2 years ago. I bought two of them and planted each one of them in different locations and it`s weird that this is the one that is giving me fruits where as the other one is not fruiting. The reason behind that I have no idea, it`s something I have to research on. But anyways, another way to using these kumquats is that you can make them as a homemade cough remedy. What you do is put them in a jar and pour some salt into the jar and close the lid. Then after a while you can get some of the juice and either just drink it as is and mix it with some water and it should help soothe your throat and helps you get over your cough faster. Another way I`ve seen someone use these is to make sweet treats from it. I saw this a while back on youtube but I forgot what she made with them.
Do you like kumquats?

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