Kristie Alley - 100lb Lighter

5 years ago

Kristie Alleys has in my opinion the place on one of the best recent weight loss/transformation.
After struggling with her weight for so long, trying different products and diets that worked for a while but she then ended up getting the weight back, she seem to have lost the weight for good.

Kristie Alley lost more than 100lb already and claims she feels great. After having a show on how hard it was to be a overweight actress, she says that this time she didn`t try to do crash/extreme diets and tried to do it the right away.
She also says that her weight loss had the help of her recent weight loss product that she helped create called Organic Liaison. Im always skeptical about weight loss pills and im betting the bigger result of her weight loss comes from her diet and exercise, especially the "Dancing With the Stars" where she participated and is known for helping the celebs losing weight.
With pills or not, she did a great job. She looks great and for someone in her 60`s she looks great and her will power is inspirational to everybody who is trying to improve their health.

In the first picture you have a before and after comparison and in the other ones some recent photos that show off her great results.

<strong>What do you think of this transformation? Do you think she will keep it up? What do you think of her endorsing weight loss pills?</strong>

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