Kristen stewart and her `many emotions`.

4 years ago

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Hey ,I like Kristen Stewart.She seems a nice enough person regardless of all the stuff flying around at the moment. But Kristen Stewart showing some sort of passionate or deep emotion is like trying to squeeze water out of a block of chalk.It just i`sent going to happen. Every time I see her in a film ,I sit there and hope that she will put on a good performance.
Film after film i find myself watching the girl with a still face and monotone voice and the feeling of disappointment suppresses me .I guess her lack of emotion will work to her advantage,after all,she wont get wrinkles as drastic as I will .She cant smile big enough or screw up her face in anger to get them .So when i`m ageing and complaining about her acting ability`s,she will be sat there with a wrinkle free beautiful straight face.

What do you think about Kristen Stewart? Whats her best preformance ?

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