Krispy Kreme Burger!

4 years ago

This past Friday my little sister, her boyfriend, my nephew, my niece and I spent our evening at a local Fall Festival called Salaville Cajun Heritage Festival. It was just ten minutes away from my house. It wasn`t a far of a drive thank goodness. Of course! I was the driver since my car is bigger than the other two. LOL

While we were getting inside the festival we wanted to grabbed something to eat and drink. Right when we got there we spotted a sign that says "Krispy Kreme Burger." Say what? Yes! It says "Krispy Kreme Burger." What the Fire trUCK right? LOL Of course we were all curious so we all ordered three! Call us crazy, but this was $8 each!

I know in your head you`re saying OMG! That`s the unhealthiest burger ever! Indeed it is, but come now. It`s always fun to explore to eat something out of the ordinary! And no I don`t mean eating a roach is ordinary! Heck to the no I would EVER do that! o_O

Basically this is just two Krispy Kreme donuts, cheese, onions, bacon, burger patty, lettuce all sandwiched together! The person who was making the sandwich was trying to help me out when I told him I wanted to take a picture! HAHA He held up the wrapping paper while I took a picture. LMAO! Overall, I thought I was going to have a heart attack half through the burger. I`m kidding! It was actually good! I recommend to try it out! :)

1. Would you ever tempt to try this out?
2. What`s your favorite fair, festival must`ve food?

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