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2 years ago

Where I got it: http://www.ebay.com , Seller name: alphabeautyuk (ships from Hong Kong)

How much I paid: $5.75 + $1.90 for shipping = $7.65 in total. Shipping to New York took about 1 week.

For those that dont know, Kose is a Japanese brand. It comes with 10 individual use strips. I got the super version (black box with green characters). The instructions on the box are completely in Japanese but these are used just like any typical nosestrips where you peel off a strip from its plastic backing with dry hands and place it on a clean, wet nose. Once its dry you peel off the strip and all the sebum and dirt that is clogging your noses pores should be stuck onto the strip for you to see! For best results, wait for the strip to become completely stiff and peel from bottom to top! Before I learned this tip, I have been peeling my strips from side to side and only pick up around 50% of the gunk. Peeling from bottom to top removes at least 70-95% of the gunk depending on how adhesive the strip is. I think this is because it has something to do with the direction of the way you pull and direction of how the gunk is sitting in your pores (similarly to pulling off wax strips).

So one thing that really bothers me all the time are the little clogged pores that causes whiteheads on my nose. It really makes me feel so conscious whenever I put foundation on my nose because the whiteheads tend to become more visible. Best way I can describe this situation is that my nose tends to look like a strawberry whenever I apply foundation on it because you can clearly see the whiteheads like how you can clearly see the seeds on a strawberry.

I have tried many other different brands of pore strips from low end generic brand to both normal and ultra version of the Biorestrips and even the high end Boscia pore strips from Sephora. These strips are by far so much better than any that I have tried. The strip is black on both sides so it clearly displays the sebum and dirt it picks up. I also find that the cuts and slits on the pore strip help the strip conform to the shape of my nose really well. One strip was able to remove about 90% of the gunk on my nose. I typically would tweeze out any stragglers after peeling off nose strips but for this brand I can forgive what it leaves behind because the ones left are too small to notice unless you are looking at my nose from a really close distance. A few downsides are that its extremely painful to remove and it cant easily be found in America since its an Asian brand. Ill admit that I was being a wuss and teared up while I was taking it off but I sucked it up and pulled it off and boy was the pain worth it! You can see how much gunk it was able to get off my nose and how nice and clean it left it! The strip also left my nose a bit itchy afterwards but I find that usually happens to me after I use pore strips.

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