Korres Wild Rose Advanced Sleep Facial Sample

4 years ago

So I was picking up some over-priced, decadent French hand-cream in Sephora, where I ended up looking at the skin care section. I started off randomly opening jars and sniffing products, ugh, some things werent meant to be in a jar. The most pleasant smelling one happened to be Korres Wild Rose Advanced Sleep Facial. It smells like, surprise, roses, but not the old-grandma perfume kind, the wild, sexy, sweet kind, oh baby.

I asked the wonderful salesperson for a sample and she was indeed stingy, shouldve flashed her first apparently. I cant complain, free is free, I guess. If this was jeopardy what would you do? Ill take free for $0, Alex! No-brainer.

Now Im home and have applied it to my face after cleansing as the directions suggested. After about 5 minutes, my face is now loving this, but Im going to have to sleep on it. Its a sleep facial, duh.

By loving it, I mean that my face got hot as a bowl of firehouse chili, and then it calmed down. Dont all products give your face that campfire feel? Totally normal. Seriously, my skin feels soft, its a trade-off. Or is it? I kind of liked the pain. No, just kidding, what kind of weirdo do you take me for?

Has anyone else tried this?

So I will share the good, the bad, and hopefully, the beautiful when I wake up.

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