KORRES SKIN CARE part 2 review

4 years ago

KORRES SKIN CARE part 2 review I divided it in to two because the other post was wayyyyyy too long and I didnt want to bore you guys.
KORRES YOGHURT CREAM - review In all things that I boughtthis was kinda the one I hope would work best. The lady who sold it to me made it sound revolutionary. But sadly, theres only one thing I really liked about this. I quite enjoyed the way it felt on my skin in the sense it was nice and cooling. It was almost like a mask. I think that this moisturizer would probably work best for someone who just has dry skin, but unfortunately I have combination. The smell wasnt bad it was nice and light. So if youre skin isnt huge on fragranced products, this would probably work out. However if youre looking for a supremely moisturizing moisturizer this is probably not for you. It does moisturize dont get me wrong but I still would notice slight dry patches either because the face was dried out my skin or my skin just didnt work well with this moisturizer. I would probably say that you could never wear this under make-up just because it definitely seems like the type of moisturizer that you would before bed because of its thick texture but at the same time, I realized when I woke up in the morning, I skin felt super wet and oily
KORRES EVENING PRIMROSE EYE CREAM - review I actually, before buying this product, heard great things about it. But then I realized they had re-launched it with new packaging and I guess new formula too because honest to god, like hand on bible honest, have nothing nice to say about this. When I used it on its own just to see its effect, it just sat on top of my skin all day. Theres was absolutely no absorption. So theres probably not a lot I can say other than it didnt do anything. So no I didnt feel like it did anything that was said. No moisturizing, brightening or tightening. I also felt slight burning sensations after using it as well. But I found out, that it has been discontinued, at least at Sephora they probably pulled it cause a lot of people was displease with the new version. *pictures belong to me* INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/mawwey TWITTER: https://twitter.com/marrrree skincare

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