KORRES SKIN CARE part 1 review

4 years ago

KORRES SKIN CARE part 1 review This is a late review but I wanted to post this before I post my next skin care reviews. If you havent read about this haul here is the last /viz/sephora-haul-w-free-100-giftcard. BTW, I feel totally tricked into buying these products, which kind of upset me, especially since none of these products worked out . There was a rep there, and she never introduced herself or was introduced as a Korres rep and just referred to herself as a skincare specialist. And here some steps I took to trying out the new products so I can differentiate between which products worked for me Cleanser twice a day, once in the morning, once at night Moisturizer only at night, after cleanser Eye Cream only at night, after cleanser and moisturizer
KORRES MILK PROTEIN FOAMING CREAM CLEANSER - review She told me that this was great for me cause this product it would balance out my combination skin and would not require me to use a tone which for me is a bonus, because Im lazy. And something else she mentioned is that this is great for taking of make-upeven eyes. After trying this product, twice a day for two weeks this did nothing of the sort. Which is a shame, because Ive read reviews for this on line after buying it and its actually been quite a hit. Truth is, after using this product, I started to break out around the hairline and around my cheeks. That was definitely the first thing that I noticed. Ive been told that you can get some just because your skin is just getting used to it BUT not the amount that of breakouts I got. Also the other thing that was a lie it takes off the entire make up! I tried to take of my eye make-up with it and I ended up looking like a raccoon! I had to go back in there with other eye makeup remover, take all the gunk off and rewash my face a couple times. And for the foundation on my face, I did the nails test. Where Id lightly scratch my face and see what I gather in my nails. (GROSS, I know but its the ultimate test). So when I checked my nails, all this foundation was in there. Ugh, not only is that gross crap in my nails but can you imagine if I didnt wash my face? Yeah gross. And as for it being super foamy it did. But it definitely requires a device of some sort. I tried it with my Clarisonic and it does foam but Ive seen foamier. Another thing thats not all great about this that I noticed is that it doesnt necessarily make your skin tight but it is a little drying. I do notice more patches of dry skin. The only thing that super great about this is definitely the smell. Its not strong smelling its actually quite subtle. *pictures belong to me* INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/mawwey TWITTER: https://twitter.com/marrrree skincare

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