Korres Lip Butter in Mango

5 years ago

<strong>Korre`s product description</strong>:
"This rich butter leaves lips deeply moisturized, supple, and kissably soft. Korres Lip Butters are formulated with natural oils and extracts to soothe and condition lips. Shea butter and rice wax provide lasting hydration and softness. This shiny, juicy pop of color comes in an array of "flavors" and is ideal for dry lips. "

When I first saw the box that this product came in, I thought it was just a plain old lid and cardboard box but it proved me wrong. It comes with a sliding thin cardboard box which I had a two second difficultly opening it because I was confused LOL. Call me dumb, whatever :`(.

Anyways, the color I got was in mango and on one of the side of the cardboard that you slide out has the color of teh shade you get. Mine has a vibrant peachy orange color, and yes I`m getting into the tangerine tango color.

The actually product comes in a plastic jar with the color of the shade on the lid which is different for each shade. Mine is an orange LOL as I said before. I really do like teh packaging since its straight forward. Inside comes with a translucent lid to keep the product moist.

<strong>Color pigmentation/ pay off</strong>:
I swatched all the colors in sephora and fell in love with the color Mango. I guess its because it looked so vibrant in the jar. I have heard a lot about korres lip butter and michelle1218 just sold me. She`s too influencing >_<. Anyways if you swatch it, you do get an orange color but when blended out, its almost clear with a tint of orange. On my lips, it gives a very subtle orange peach shade. You do have to use a mirror to apply this because you will see the color if you miss your lips, you don`t want to look like a clown now do you :D. These do give you a nice gloss but not something that looks like you licked your whole lips and look like your drooling kind of gloss, but the hey look I`m relaly healthy and my lips are nice and moisturized so come kiss me :).

Unlike any other type of lip balm I have tried, this lip butter has a really unqiue texture. Think of it as if jello had a baby with butter, this would be the end result. To the touch, the lip balm is really buttery and when you tap it it is somewhat liquidy too and somewhat jelloy ish (well to me at least). On the lips, it is really smooth and creamy but not slick which i really do like and find myself rolling my lips a lot when I have this product on.

This has the smell of mango gummy bears and if i could just stand around smelling this thing, I would! it has a slight candy sweetness smell but nothing where it will make you barf. :D

<strong>Lasting power</strong>:
What i look for in a lip balm isn`t just how it feels on at the moment but how it will make my lips feel after the product is gone. This one passed the test! I really like how it actually does moisturize my lips when they are really dry and keeps them really tender and not chappy even after everything is gone.

To be honest, I went to sephora that time thinking I should get the Sugar lip balm which is $26 for one but I found these which were $18 which is somewhat pricey but not as pricey as the Sugar lip balm and I did use the V.I.B 10% coupon code so I think its worth it. When there is another sale, I will be picking up more of these.

Overall I do think this is a good product and well worth the money but if I could go to the states to get these for cheaper, I will :). I`m thinking of driving down there to do some mild *cough cough* shopping at target and at a mall. Ohh yeaaa :)

Have you tried this lip butter? What do you think about it? Whats your favorite shade? I`m really looking forward to getting some more :).

*All pictures are mine*

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