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2 years ago

Hey Luuuxers!

I recently posted about my love of glass noodles (or Jap Chae) that I get at a Korean resto my brother and I frequent.

After some recipe hunting online, I was inspired to make my own! However, I was missing the key ingredient to make Jap Chae - potato starch noodles called dangmyeon! They noodles are translucent when they are cooked, and give the dish the `glass` name.

So I headed to the Korean Supermarket just down the street from where I live to grab some of the ingredients. I recently discovered this place, and the fact that it is open 24 hrs! It`s huge and has tons of variety with stuff you would find in an average grocery store as well as tons of unique Asian products you would have trouble finding elsewhere.

I headed through the aisles and finally found the noodles after some guidance from the stock boy.
(Funny story: I initially asked for `Dangmyeon` and he stared at me blankly. I assumed that my pronunciation was off, so I switched to English and asked for potato starch noodles. He still had no idea what I was talking about. He asked what I was trying to make, and I said `Jap Chae`. He still had no clue what I was talking about. But once he took me to the noodle aisle, I found it right away, despite all the packages being in Korean. He was embarrassed that a non-Asian knew more about the dish than he did lol!)

Back to my shopping adventure.

I grabbed the noodles, and continued wandering. I eventually came across a huge selection of cooking oils. I recalled that the recipe asked for sesame oil, so I picked up a small bottle.
Next, I searched for some dried mushrooms, which are reconstituted in water and traditionally added to the dish. I found a small package and picked it up.

I chose the smallest package for each of these since I wasn`t sure how successful my take on Jap Chae was going to be. I didn`t want to end up with a huge pile of ingredients I wouldn`t really use. Lol

I did also grab a few vegetables, since they had a fantastic produce section! You can see the green onions I bought peeking in the corner of the picture, which I need for the Jap Chae, but not pictured is the huge bunch of kale, and some ripe tomatoes I also picked up. I will probably use the kale to make some kale chips. I also needed some spinach, which I forgot to grab since my mom told me we have plenty of baby spinach I could use, but it turns out my sister had used it all up lol

Once I pick up the spinach, I will be attempting to make some Jap Chae for dinner! Wish me lots of luck!

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