Korean Spicy Rice Cakes with Instant Noodles ( Rabokki)

Yesterday I went to the store to buy rice cakes to make spicy rice cakes for the family.

To make spicy rice cakes you`ll need:
- Dried anchovies
- Rice cakes
- Red Pepper Paste
- Sugar

I boiled two cups of water and four dried anchovies on high heat for about five minutes to make anchovy broth. While preparing the broth, if the rice cakes are frozen I would put them in a bowl with warm water to defrost. Then discard the anchovies and added two tablespoons of red pepper paste and one tablespoon of sugar into the broth. Adjust the amount to your preference. Add the rice cakes and cook until the rice cakes are soft. It will take about ten minutes depending on the heat. Once they`re soft, add chopped green onions and cook for a few more seconds then turn off the heat and serve.

If you want to make rabokki, add a pack of your favourite instant noodles when the rice cakes are half cooked. I like to add the noodles when the rice cake is half cooked because I will not be able to rinse the noodles in cold water, and over cooked noodles will not taste good. You may need to add half a cup of water if there`s not enough sauce then adjust the flavour to your preference. When the rice cakes and noodles are cooked, add the chopped green onions, cook for a few more seconds and serve. Although both are delicious, don`t make too much at once because both are best eaten fresh.

All photos are my own.

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