Korean quotBBQquot: Samgyupsal @ Honey Pig!

4 years ago

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Hey everyone!
On my trip to Atlanta, my boyfriend and I went to eat Korean-style BBQ at a place called Honey Pig ()! I went to a Honey Pig before on a trip to Virginia, but this experience was entirely different! The service was incredible and the food was delicious!

When you walk in, someone will seat you as normal, but when you sit down, there is a large, circular pan-grill type thing in front of you. You can order a bunch of different things, but we ended up ordering Honey Pig Samgyupsal ( ), which is Pork Belly meat.

They brought out the meat, along with kimchi, beansprouts, mushrooms, rice-cake like wraps, a scallion side, sesame seed leaves, and a few sides of sauces! They cook everything for you and you eat :D After you`re done eating all that you can, they take what`s left over and fry rice for you. They mix whatever meat and kimchi that`s left over in with the rice and also bring you Soy Bean Soup ()!

I must say, the service was excellent and I couldn`t have asked for more. This experience was totally different than anything I`d experienced before! Traditionally, I`d eat this kind of Korean BBQ with the meat, scallions, kimchi, rice, and sauces all wrapped in a piece of lettuce. This place was different in that what you wrapped the meat and kimchi in a rice-cake like square or the sesame seed leaves. Also, they gave you the rice last. Either way, it was all so good!

I will mention that it was pretty pricey though! I don`t remember the exact prices because my boyfriend paid for it all, but definitely check out http://www.eathoneypig.com if you`re interested in going! I know for sure there`s one in ATL and one in VA!


Overall, Honey Pig was such a great place to eat! I recommend going with a larger group/family so that you don`t have to worry about any food going to waste! Especially since it`s not exactly cheap! Definitely, definitely worth the visit though :) Wish I could go again! :D

Thanks for reading/viewing! Tell me: have you ever heard of or visited Honey Pig?? If so, how`d you like it?!

Also, if you have any questions for me, leave them down below as well! As always, feel free to rate, add me as a friend, and follow me <3

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