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4 years ago

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Hey Luuux Foodlings!
A little while ago, my church college group had a lock-in, and we decided to have a cook-off! First, we split up into random teams, then we had to `win` our ingredients :P We basically had all of the ingredients to make 3 particular dishes, but each time had to `Rock, Paper, Scissors` their way to the ingredients :D We basically based what dishes we were going to make on the first signature ingredient our team chose. My team won the first round of the game, so we chose to take the Spam to make Budae Jjigae ()! If you have Spam, you can`t go wrong with making a soup! Anyway, continue reading if you`re interested in what all of the dishes were ^^


<strong>My Team: Budae Jjigae (aka Korean Army Base Stew)</strong> (2nd Picture)
Like I said, we won the Spam first, then we took the Korean Shin Ramyun, then ground pork, tofu, garlic, and scallions. We later traded for hot dogs because <strong>Budae Jjigae</strong> is not complete without hot dogs! Things like hot pepper paste, soy sauce, salt, etc. were available to everyone, so of course we used those things as well :) If you`re familiar with the Korean ramen, you know that the soup base powder included in there is like magic in a pouch! It instantly makes any soup taste amazing (probably because it`s MSG packed!), so we were going to rely on this if the soup didn`t taste good :P Surprisingly, we didn`t have to use it because our soup tasted amazing! I think it was the best dish of the night (not even biased :D)!

<strong>Team #2: Ddukbokki & Pajeon</strong> (Pictures 3-4)
I`m sure many of you know what <strong>Ddukbokki</strong> is, but it`s basically a rice cake dish with a sweet & spicy sauce. Team 2 made it with a base of red pepper paste with sugar, then added rice cakes, fish cakes, onions, and scallions. It was pretty good! They also made <strong>Pajeon</strong>, which is a scallion `pancake` :) It doesn`t sound very appetizing if you think of breakfast pancakes, but it`s totally different tasting! They made them with flour, water, eggs, scallions, and onions! It tasted great with the ddukbokki!

<strong>Team #3: Dak Do-Ri-Tang (Spicy Braised Chicken Stew)</strong> (Picture 5)
This is basically a spicy chicken & potato stew that`s pretty popular in Korea. Team 3 most likely made the base with hot pepper paste base and other sauces, then added the chicken, potatoes, carrots, and onions. This was really delicious too! I think it was a close 2nd after our dish! ^^


The cook-off was so fun and all of the food ended up being really good! :D My team was actually worried that our soup wouldn`t turn out well, but we made it work in the end, and I think it was the most popular of everything everyone made! ^^ After looking at it all, we laughed at how most of the food was red, but Korean food is big on spicy, so I guess it`s understandable :P Everyone was completely stuffed and satisfied after eating all of the food; definitely a great start to the lock-in!

<em>Thanks for reading/viewing this post! :D I hope you enjoyed it! Tell Me: Have you ever participated in a cook-off like this? Have you tried any of these dishes? Which one do you think you`d enjoy the most? Let me know in your comments below! ^^</em>

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