Korean Drama: (City Hunter)

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City Hunter starring Lee Min Ho, Park Min Young, Lee Joon Hyuk, Hwang Sun Hee, and Goo Ha Ra. The series begins in 1983 when the President visits Burma and a bomb planted by North Korean agents explode killing some of the officials. To avenge, 5 South Korean officials planned an operation into North Korea to kill top members of North Korea`s high command. Although operation was a success, while the troops were swimming back, snipers inside their submarine opened fire killing all troop members except Lee Jin Pyo who returned to South Korea to seek revenge. Kidnapping his dead best friend`s infant son, Lee Yoon Seong, he flees South Korea, and trains him intensively for battle. After an attack at the village they were living in, Lee Jin Pyo reveals his plan for retaliation. Seven years have passed and Lee Yoon Seung returns to South Korea to carry out Lee Jin Pyo`s revenge.

Will Lee Yoon Seung be able to seek revenge? Watch the series to find out!

This was my favourite TV series from 2011. Almost a year later and there hasn`t been a series as interesting as this, in my opinion. Every episode was filled with surprise. Just when you think you know what will happen next, something else happens. I`ll be watching this series over and over again for many years.

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