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3 years ago

Hello there guys!
I`m writing about my daily routine mainly with korean cosmetics.

I just have to say - I`m totally addicted *o* Seriously!

Korean Beauty Trends are highly appreaciated by a lot o people around the world. That bright, perfect skin, with a sligh dewy finish, is a must have! It almost a no makeup makeup look. Which attracts me. I`m not fond of heavy makeup, so my priorities are set on having a flawless skin.

For eyes, the ulzzang look it`s trendy too. Lighten the inner corner of your eye, eye liner (black or brown)mostly on your upper lid and finally, mascara.

Lips - I usually use a lip balm and a peachy lip tint. Ocasionally I use a coral gloss.

The products really have great quality, I fully recommend.

Well, let`s begin, shall we?

Morning - 8 am

After I wash my face with lukewarm water I usually exfoliate my nose and shin before proceding with the next step.

Next, I use my L´OREAL Youth Code Serum - Luminosity.
The skin will absorbe the serum better if you tap the skin lightly with the tips of your fingers.

The following step is moisturizing! I use a Nivea moisturizer.

Next I use `Tony Moly`s Latte Art Milk Tea Morning Pack` - this product is simply amazing. When I rub it into my face it feels like it turns into water. It has a nice fade scent to it, which is pleasant too. This is a booster for your makeup. I really like the final effect, it gives a sligh dewy finish to the skin.

Depending on the season, I would use a Primer (I have Hanskin - Primer Velvet BB)for oil control, or not.

Since right now it`s Winter, I skip this step.

Next Step: Using CC Cream and BB Cream

I use: `ElishaCoy`s CC Cushion` - This is a cc cream - so it suppposedly corrects the tone of your skin and has other cool properties too it - the skin turns really soft and bright. The only thing I don`t like it`s that I can`t use it alone - it`s too pale! I only use it too highlight and oil control. The ingredients are really good too - hyaluronic acid (anti-wrinkle) - and has SPF 50! The scent is nice too - kind of floral.

Truth being told, I think it`s worth buying - but for someone with a paler skin tone. I`m caucasian, NC 25.

BB Cream: `Etude House`s Precious Mineral Sun BB Cream - SPF 50+/PA+++` - Whitening & Anti Wrinkle; Anti Darkening - Long Lasting Waterproof.`

I must say I really like this bb cream! Gives a nice flawless skin, although the coverage is medium. My color is W15 - the darkest one. I don`t think I`m that tanned, but Korean brands really make pale colors, since having bright, white skin is an icon of beauty. I like the natural look, so this color still brights up my skin without making me look like a ghost :p I recommend it!!

The first BB cream I ever tried was `Skin79 Super+ BB Hot Pink - SPF 25 PA++` - And I really liked it. It`s just that the color is way too white. It has a grayish cast to it... It feels light on skin and the scent it`s kind of nice too...it gives a nice dewy finish too, but it`s too light for me...sad thing. In photos I would appear a bit ghostly and all...Ahhh but I liked how it felt on the skin and truth being said I got used to it`s color...until I tried another bb cream :p

Next - In Summer I would use the Hot Pink Sun Protect BB Pact SPF 30 PA++ - for oil control. It works, and I like it :D Probably there are better ones out there, but this one does the trick.

For the lips:
- `Nature Republic Stain Girls tint - Orange` - I don`t use this often. The staying power isn`t that good, but it smells and tastes great lol (I tasted it accidentaly, of course :p). I wouldn`t recommend this one. I hear Tony Moly`s lip tints have great staying power - so I`m eyeing them :p

- Gloss - `Lioele Blooming Gloss` in color 02 - It`s a beautiful kind of coral/peachy color, which I`m really fond of. It`s not sticky,has little shimmers to it, that gives a beautiful glossy finish to the lips. The smell is wonderful! Smell like peaches*o* Just YUM! Really recommend!

- Recently I bought 2 Lip tints - `Karadium Lip Tint Stick` - Shades 2 and 4. My favorite is shade 4 - Peach :p I really like it! At first I thought it was too dark for me, but the color grew on me and now I really love it :p The hot pink shade, it`s a little too bold for me, I`m still trying to figure out how to make it work for me ^^ It`s just that being a brunette with brown eyes, I think a peach or redish colors look better on me. My lips are naturally pigmented and since I don`t like using any coverage on them, it`s kind of difficult to choose a good lip stain for me... But I recommend this karadium ones! Beautiful colors, good staying power and really good pigmentation!

For eyes - To make the ulzzang look . `Etude House Tear Eye Liner` Nº3 - I use it on my inner corner making my eyes brighter. This liner has cute pink shimmers on it, which find to be really cute :p The staying power it`s not that great though.

When I don`t use this one, I usually use a gold eyeshadow - L`OREAL. Which is a great color to bring attention to my brown eyes. I really like it.

Sometimes I use mascara, sometimes I don`t...

I`m a college student, so I don`t have time to do more than this every morning. ^^

- I usually wash my face.
- I apply ` Tony Moly`s Intense Care Dual Effect Sleeping Pack` - I really like this one! It smells great, and makes my skin look and feel moisturized. In the morning my skin still feels really soft! I really recommend it too!

Occasionaly I use Brightening Sheet Mask - `Etude House Pearl Extract Mask` - they`re awesome! My skin really is brightened! It doesn`t break me out either. Totally recommend it!! :D

Ahhh but my dear readers, i still have so many products I want to try! They have excellent reviews *o*
- [OST] Original Pure Vitamin C20 Serum 30ml
- Banila Co. it Radiant CC Cream 30ml SPF30 PA++ Whitening BB Upgrade BB Cream
- [TONYMOLY] Kiss Love Lip Master

Maybe sometime soon!

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