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Korean Beauty Tips

Hi yall. Today I decided to write about some tips and tricks of Koreas beauty secrets. With K-pop entrance to bigger world waters, people become more interesting in secrets of Korean good looks. All South Koreas citizen looks really young in aspecet of their real age. It is like they dont aging between their 20 and 50s at all. So let me introduce you some tips and tricks of how you can achieve it too. So lets go!

1. Skincare routine. Thats what Koreans take it seriously. Basically it sums up all tips and tricks, because it helps to keep that healthy skin.

The Fundamentals for Skincare:
1. Oil cleanser - remove oil-based debris such as makeup, sebum, and soot.
2. Foam cleanser - remove water-based debris such as sweat and dirt.
3. Exfoliator - exfoliating renews your skin by scrubbing away dead skin cells. (It sounds promising, but is not for daily using!)
4. Toner - softens, moisturizes, and preps your skin to better absorb the essences and serums to follow.
5. Essence - this typically contains an active ingredient that optimizes your skins natural cell turnover ratethink skin regeneration.
6. Serum - more concentrated version of an essence, usually thicker in consistency. Different serums can hyper-target skin issues and are meant to be layered.
7. Sheet mask - mask is sometimes used in place of an essence. (Actually, I prefer sheet mask over essence and serums because it so calming. You put it on, and rest for at leas 20 min.)
8. Eye cream This is meant to hydrate and protect the skin around the eyes.
9. Sleeping mask - apply this to intensely hydrate and restore firmness as you sleep. (It looks weird, but hey nobody sees you or even if you are seen by your partner, he must seen you doing and looking crazier!)
10. SPF !!!! (That is really important if you want to look young)

Hope you find it useful :) More beauty secrets from around the world will be revieled soon...

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