Kony2012 a cover-up? What?

5 years ago

Kony2012 a cover-up? Well, you would have never thought, but yes indeed it is a cover-up. Actually from what I`ve heard Joseph Kony hasn`t been active since 2005. 2005, almost 7 years since he has not been active. So what does that tell you? Well it says a lot, he might be dead, done with what he`s doing or anything else. But if you think about it 7 years is a long time to stop doing something, so most likely he is dead. So hear this, Kony2012 was a cover-up to get the peoples money to buy technology and weapons to get on African soil, and this would get the US some oil. Yes, oil. And you may be helping, this would kill people, not save them. Just like they did in Iraq, only then they didn`t need our help. You see how Iraq looks now? How many people have died, due to nothing. They were innocent people, but oil, oil they needed it so they killed for it. And they will do it again, they made a video to cover up for it why not do it again. So think about it, would you like to fund another war? Don`t help them. Also want more proof? Okay, I`ll give you some, since more people are finding out that this is just a cover-up the video`s comments are disabled. What? You never thought that such a good cause wouldn`t like to see what you think and share what you think with people, using comments. Yepp. We have been tricked. No seriously!

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