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I actually havent use this Konad stamping kit for my nails that much, but yes! i actually do like it, and heres a review on it.
So i actually bought it in a mall, like in those middle booth things and i really wanted to get this. I heard and saw tons of reviews on it, and i wanted to try it out myself! I forgot how much it was, but i only got one plate and a kit.
You can purchase other plates/designs if wanted and even different colour nail polish, but this is just what i have!

Going with the pictures, this is what the stuff does, and the first one is the stamper. It is what stamps the design onto your nails, giving your nails an awesome flower or whatever you have on the plate.

The plate is a dish with tons of designs. You can get alot of them, and theyre all so different. But i have this flower one, if you want to know, it is the M54.

This is the scraper, and it is used for the plate. It removes the extra nail polish you apply on the stamp. It gets quite messy and dirty because of all the nail polish built up, but you can easily clean that off with nail polish remover.

So Konad has this special nail polish used for the stamping. I personally dont know what the difference between this and regular nail polish, because they look just the same. But i think it is more useful and better for the stamping process, so the print gets onto the stamper.

The stamping isnt that bad! I mean, it is really how you use it. At frist for me, it was quite tricky and not all of the nail polish go onto the stamp, but once you know how to use it and now how to work it, it becomes very easy!

Any questions or comments? Write below!
*photos are mine
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