Kombucha Wonder Drink with Essence of Mango

5 years ago

I am still making an effort to not drink/eat things with artificial sweeteners in them, so when I went to the grocery store today, I thought I`d check out their funky drink aisle. The grocery store closest to me is an independent one that specializes in "health" foods, as well as international foods that aren`t too common in Canada.

I remember having heard a LOT about Kombucha Tea lately. It`s basically a fizzy, fermented tea drink that`s supposed to have a lot of health benefits. I don`t know if any of the claims have much truth to them, though. Either, way I decided to give it a try! So I purchased a Kombucha Wonder Drink with Mango Essence. It was $3 (on special). I think it was $4 regular price. Kinda pricey for a tea drink, but I was really curious. :)

This drink is....interesting. It kind of smells and tastes like apple cider vinegar, of all things! Like, imagine you had some slightly sweetened soda water, and some put a few tablespoons of unfiltered apple cider vinegar in it. It definitely tastes and smells fermented, sort of like an ale. To me, it`s quite odd, overall. Oh, and it doesn`t taste like mango at ALL!

As for calorie content, Kombucha Wonder in lower in calories than other tea drinks (at least, the ones that don`t contain artificial sweeteners). It contains 82 calories for a 414 mL bottle.

Will I be purchasing this again? I really don`t think so...the health benefit claims apparently aren`t substantiated (yet), and this isn`t exactly a super yummy drink, lol. At least I know that apple cider vinegar does have health benefits that are backed up by research. I`d almost rather drink that in some fizzy water than this kombucha drink. But who knows, maybe this is not a very good drink and there are way better kombucha drinks out there!

<strong>Have you ever tried Kombucha? Do you have a favourite Kombucha drink?</strong>

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