Kohls: Expect Great Things

4 years ago

My wardrobe plays a big role in my life as does my budget and over the course of my life I`ve learned that having a `certain sense of style` always seems to come with a hefty price tag, Especially when you go after those name brand items we all know and love; Urban Outfitters, Abercrombie and Fitch... Ect.

Where I live we just recently got a Kohls (2 years tops), but I never really bothered to go in it. I was always told by friends & family that they`re just as pricey as other department stores so with that being said, Why would I go in there? It wasn`t until about a year ago that I had decided to put everyone else`s opinions aside and just go see what they were all about. Long story short: I love em`!

I found that personally, A lot of the clothing they sell fits my personal style as well as my budget. That`s not to say their the cheapest around town but with as many sells as they have, their my best bet. They also sell other different products ranging from perfume to kitchen ware, but I`ve yet to try out any other products aside from clothing.

What are you`re favorite places to shop, And what`s your personal opinion on Kohls? Yay or nay? Leave a comment & let me know! :)

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