Kobi Levi - And their peculiar pairs of shoes

Kobi Levi, Israeli designer creates some of the shoes more fun, unusual and ironic existing today. The inspiration for so much creativity comes from animals, fruits and the human body. And you would a puppy, bananas or a slide on your feet?

Kobi Levi`s shoes are a true work of art, and its concept is no exception to the rule of the object, where it is considered that: "The shoes should have its own life" - as stated by the designer:
"With or without being on your feet, there is life and meaning in them, need not be consumed in order to exist, thus differ from other products."

Source link: http://lounge.obviousmag.org/sobre_linhas_entre_espacos/2012/07/kobi-levi---e-seus-peculiares-pares-de-sapatos.html?utm_source=f

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