Know our skin undertone

To choose the right color of foundation is necessary know our undertone. In fact, we can choose a light or dark depending on tone of our skin, but to improve the harmony with our skin color, approaching to the perfect shade, the foundation must tend to our right undertone. There are basically two types of undertone: pink and yellow. 95% of women have a yellow undertone.

To understand what is our undertone there are different methods, all more or less similar to each other:
- Under the sunshine, just look at the veins in the wrist if they are blue / azur, the undertone is pink. If the veins tend to green, the undertone is yellow.
- Also under the sunlight completely without make up and hair pulled back, we can bring to the face, alternately, a cloth (or cardboard) yellow-peach and another pink. We can see that one color will match better with the color of our skin, the more consistent will be the color of undertone: pink or beige.
- Similarly to the previous point we wear a white shirt, then another beige. One that enhances our face indicates the color of the undertone. Generally enhances the white skins from pinkish undertone.
- Another method is a little complicated, without make up, front of the mirror, To go down the eyelid and See them: if your skin tends to gray / pink belong to the rose undertones , it tends to yellow to yellow ones.
- At the end, we can try on the neck, or on the inside of the wrist, a foundation shade from pink undertone, and from a yellow undertone. That will be seen that less will indicate the color of our undertone!

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