Klorane Dry Seboregulating Shampoo - Review

5 years ago

<strong>About the product:</strong>
"KLORANE Laboratories developed this original product to allow you to clean your hair without getting it wet. Ultra-practical KLORANE Dry seboregulating shampoo with nettle extract can be taken anywhere. It cleans hair in a single stroke, allowing you to wash it less frequently. Thanks to its seboregulating properties, it absorbs the excess sebum found in the hair so that it looks clean and fresh. Bounce and volume are restored."

<strong>My opimion:</strong>
As I stretch a lot my hair and I`m addicted to always have my hands in the hair it tends to get oily very quickly.
Some days I don`t have time to wash my hair and when it happen I use a bit of talcum powder and it work. But my hair was dry and without shine, and dandruff appears easily.
After hearing about dry shampoos I decided to take a try. So, I decided to try one from Klorane, because I love this brand.
With this shampoo the hair looks clean and oil free, but it doesn`t the effect of a regular washing. It also leaves dry as talcum powder, but for an emergency situation it works.
The package is big (150 ml) and I don`t know if it`s just me, but I spent it very fast.
It costs 11,74. It`s a bit pricey compared to other dry shampoos available on the market, but I really like this brand.

- text and images are mine
- information about the product: source link below

Source link: http://www.klorane.ca/en/hair/oily_prone_hair/dry_seboregulating_shampoo/

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