Kleenex Oil Absorbent Sheets

I have super oily skin, and i use oil blotters a lot (1 in mid-morning and 1 in mid-afternoon) and I`ve always been using Clean & Clear. I ran out of oil blotters today so I went to Watsons with my friend and I found Kleenex Oil Absorbent Sheets. It`s cheaper than Clean & Clear (C&C retails for about 117 Php while Kleenex retails for 100 Php) and since I know Kleenex is a trustworthy brand, I decided to buy the Kleenex one.

When I got home, I immediately tried one sheet. The difference between C&C and Kleenex is that C&C goes transparent when it absorbs the oil, and it`s kinda embarrassing to use because my classmates like watching me use it just to see how much of the sheet turned transparent whereas Kleenex sheets have an absorbent on one side and the other side there is a cloth like cover to hide the oil blotches.

Kleenex claims to "absorb twice as much oil as the other brands". I`m not really sure about that, because the number of blotches from my C&C and Kleenex sheets were the same. I can tell you this, though, after using Kleenex, my face was more noticeably drier even if the same number of oil blotches showed.

I`ve been such an avid user of Clean & Clear but i think from now on I`ll use the Kleenex oil absorbent sheets. It really reached my standards, all for a lower price!

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