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4 years ago

My mom left for Las Vegas with my dad on sunday, but saturday we spent the day together treating ourselves.
The first thing we did was head out and get our nails done. My mom always go to a local place here in Fenton Michigan Called First nails.
My mom just got a fill and i decided to get a full set.
i`ve kind of given up on my nails. I`ve spents quite a few years trying to grow them out. I`ve even tried taking vitamins, using special polishes and oils, and nothing is working, so i went with the acrylics.
The problem i have with my nails is they flake and crack and break. If you have any tips on fixing it, please let me know!
I sat down at the chair and i really just wanted a classic french tip, i just like the clean simple look they have and since i can never do those myself i take advantage of having someone who can.
But the lady said they have a sparkling acrylic i still wasn`t sold, until she showed my the powder and it just shimmered!
Needless to say i was sold! (must be my inner girly girl crying for the shiney!)
So it still has the classic french tip look, but with a twist of my personality to it!
and i personally like my nails long because i think it`s a little sexy and more feminine especially with the sparkle that`s in it.
And i`m really pleased with the job the lady did! I would definitely go back and request her because i have clubbed fingers which basically means my nails are wide and they`re not shaped averagely. Anyone with upper respiratory problems has them (odd if you think about it). I`ve gotten nails put on before and they just make my fingers look fat and stubby. I really didn`t think it would be possible for me to get them done and not have that problem, but she did a beautiful job.
it $40 for the full set, which my mom graciously paid for.
I plan on going back in two weeks or so and getting them filled and just getting a color, so i can change it with my own polishes.

I love taking the time to go out and get my nails done, it might be pricey, but for me it`s kind of a confidence booster. It might sound odd for someone to get self-conscious about their finger nails, but i really do. So having my nails done, makes me feel more beautiful!

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Do you have anything like this that just makes you feel ore beautiful?

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