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4 years ago

Not sure if this is in the right category, but I just put it in places, since it`s located in Japan. ANYWAY, I have never heard of this before until today! Neko (Cat) Cafes in Japan! How cool is that? It`s like any ordinary cafe, where you can relax, chat with friends, sip a cup of tea and such, but there are CATS in there! Some Neko Cafes in Japan also have some sort of a game corner where you can play the Wii or something with friends, but the main thing here are the cats. Some cafes will have kittens in them, but it`s said that many have adult cats. Nevertheless, you get to play with them!!!
Of course, you must pay according to the amount of time you wish to spend with the kitties :) It`s not a lot though! This is really good for many people because many apartments may not allow pets, so instead of buying one, they can visit a cafe near them and just spend time with cats there.
Here`s an example of a neko cafe! (video is above, if you want to visit youtube site, visit source link below) They`re SOOO cute!! I would go to one if I was in Japan :) My friend`s actually in Japan right now for a scholarship for like 6 weeks. I told her to get her host family to take her to one lol xD i was just kidding though.. :P

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