Kitchen Ideas for the Minimalist

4 years ago

Minimalist home design is for the person who likes a very clean, uncluttered look. This modern design is very user-friendly. To maintain this look, just keep clean by wiping surfaces, vacuuming or sweeping, and not allowing any clutter to build up. In the kitchen, however, this look may prove to be more of a challenge to maintain than in other rooms in the house. This is mainly because a kitchen is a well-used room. Other than the place where meals are prepared, the kitchen is often the meeting room, the place for the children to do their homework, and just the room that people like to hang out in.

To maintain the kitchen`s minimalist design, everything should have a place of its own. The kitchen should have lots of storage space so things will not create clutter on counters and kitchen islands. This helps to keep things neat and orderly. For instance, dry goods such as sugar, flour, and coffee should be neatly stored in containers. Decorative containers such as canisters could be used to decorate the counter top or they should be stored away. If the canisters are placed on the counter top, there should not be much else there. No stacks of dishes, gadgets, or abundance of small appliances should be there to clutter the space. A fruit bowl, or a couple of flower vases should be enough decoration for the counter or the top of the island.

Storage is a very important part of minimalist design. There should be plenty of cabinet space to keep clutter at bay. An over-the-range type of microwave is preferred to further keep counter spaces clear. Another alternative would be to have a built-in shelf beneath the upper cabinets for the microwave to sit on top of. Built-in ovens and appliances are perfect for the minimalist look. Built-ins help to clear the floor for maximum traffic space.

Of course, people who cook often will need space for their cooking essentials, such as, the toaster or toaster oven, electric mixer, slow cooker, or whatever other kinds of small cooking appliances they may own. Lower cabinets with large roll-out shelves are just the thing to keep these items off the counter and neatly put away when not in use. Upper cabinets should hold spices, vinegar, sauces, canned tuna, and other non-perishable food items to keep them easy to reach when needed. A rolling Lazy Susan or pull-out shelf will make spices and condiments even easier to access.

Minimalist kitchen design goes very well with streamlined, modern furnishings and cabinetry. Simple design with dark woods, stainless steel appliances, and granite counter tops and back-splashes is a very popular look for minimalist design. However, the minimalist look can also be achieved with white or light colored cabinetry, stainless steel or sleek black appliances, and floors and back-splashes made of natural materials. Natural wood, laminate, cork, or natural stone flooring works well with any type of minimalist design. Natural wood and cork floors should be well sealed to prevent moisture from seeping into the material and damaging it. Cork stains easily, so sealing would help to prevent spills from becoming permanent stains.

Hanging pot racks will help to keep cabinet space free for storing other items. Pot racks can look quite sleek and, placed properly, they will not compromise the minimalist style of the kitchen. Trash should never be seen! Trash bins should be either hidden or camouflaged. For instance, there are some stylish trash bin covers available that look just like part of the furniture.

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