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Hello again guys !

So i am probably going sleep in few minutes. It`s really late after midnight and i am still sitting on luuux and writing posts. Silly me ;D But this is so stupid that i just need to write about it. So i found some article with apps for Iphone and Adroid that are mega stupid and nobody need them. This one that i want to write about it`s totally useless. Nobody really will need this. Or maby kids and teenagers but i think that this is just for fun.
So the app is called "Kissing Test". It`s of course free because like i was writing i don`t like to buy any apps. So this clever app tell you how good you are in kissing ;D Really. Who made something like that ? It`s mega simple you choose your gender and then you just need to.... kiss your iphone ;D I was like wtf, i wouldn`t kiss my phone, it`s dirty with lots of bacterias you know. But i am very curious person so i have tried. I was kissing and kissing my screen for about 30 seconds and after that i have info that it`s "too intense and maby i should tone it down a bit". It`s funny and also so stupid. Hahaha i don`t take it personally because it`s just a fun.
So, if you want to know if you are kissing good or bad check this with this app ;)

*picture is taken by my iphone*
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