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5 years ago

When i thought i have seen it all, there is always something new to surprise me, i honestly don`t even know why im still surprised there is something more crazy out there.
In case you are away from you better half, especially now on valantines day, or just want to kiss something, the creators of Kissenger thought of you. This robot is connected to a computer and its meant for you to make out with it lol
The goal of the robot is to make couples that are distant feel more close to each other than just video-chatting.
The robot has 2 modes:
- A humam to human ( and robot) where there robots are connected and replicate the movements of the lips of the other part.
- A human / robot mode where you have the robot all for yourself!

I have to say i think this is hilarious and crazy. I mean, kissing a robot its just strange and i don`t know how people would feel better by kissing a robot, they probably should just stick to video-chat that would be a better use of time then kissing this.
I do think that the technology that mimics the other part is interesting and well made, could be used for other propruses actually (can`t think of one now though, but there is always one).

Check out the video to see how it works!

<strong>What do you think of the Kissenger? Would you kiss a robot like this?</strong>

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