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5 years ago

I got these Kiss nail stickers in my Influenster box, and I was so excited to try them mainly because of the cute design (I`m a sucker for zebra print). These retail for $6.99 in stores.

At first glance, I thought the design was going to feel like as flat as paper, but in actuality, the little jewels stand out and have a texture to them, which I thought was pretty cool. It made it more realistic.

According to the box, you`re supposed to just "peel, apply, and shape for a manicure that lasts up to 10 days." This is a cheaper alternative to Sally Hansen`s nail stickers, which I`ve tried as well.

You get the 28 individual nail strips, a two-sided nail file, and a design booklet with tons of fun ideas you can try with the strips. It also shows the 18 other styles these stickers come in.

The first thing I noticed with these nail strips is that they`re actually stickers as opposed to Sally Hansen`s nail strips. There`s an adhesive on the back of the strip where you`re supposed to stick to the nail. There was also a strong scent of glue as I opened the box, which I didn`t like.

The next thing I noticed was that while these strips come in 14 different sizes, they weren`t enough of a variety because I had a difficult time finding a size that fits my nails perfectly. It`s worth mentioning that it doesn`t matter whether you have a naturally long or small nail bed. It`s not the length that`s the issue because you can file it down to your nail to fit no problem. The issue, for me, was width. There wasn`t enough of a size variety, and most of the strips seem to be meant more for toe nails.

Despite having them fit awkwardly on my nail because of the size issue, the design looks super pretty, and they were very easy to apply. However, that`s about all the good I can say on these strips.

These strips are supposed to last up to 10 days, but I don`t think they lasted me a whole day. About a few hours after I applied them, the strips slowly started to peel off on some of my nails.

Keep in mind that I hardly did any activity with my hands that would cause such peeling. I`d be literally sitting down watching TV, and the next thing I know, I look down to gaze at my nails, and I find one of them peeling in another spot! As the day went on, the peeling continued to the point where I had to just rip them all off in frustration because it was only three hours after I had applied them.

Maybe I just got a "dud" set. That happens sometimes, but right now, based on my experience, I would hesitate to recommend. I kept comparing these to the Sally Hansen ones, and I`d recommend Sally Hansen nail strips any day. Those ones actually last up to 10 days, if not more, and have a more realistic size variety for every nail. I wanted to like these so much, but it just didn`t work for me.

Have you tried this Kiss product? If so, have you had better luck with them?



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