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I`ve tried the Sally Hansen nail polish stickers before, only because I think they were either on sale or I had a coupon for cvs because I think they`re terrible over priced for what they are, stickers. I got a little excited when I saw the Kiss brand ones because not only were the designs even cuter than any of the Sally Hansen ones I had seen but they are also about $2 cheaper and have more (28 as opposed to 14).

now here`s where the bad stuff begins. can you see how it`s bumpy? that`s the little "gem drops" and the one sticking out was at the very edge of the nail, when you file them sometimes you`re going right through the middle of these little drops and they don`t seem to like that very much. also, if you look at the corner of the other nail you can see how it`s a little lifted, yeah, not good either. see the bumps/texture? ok and see what happens when one of those little drops doesn`t want to be cut in half? the whole things comes off, ugh. it gets worse ... what happens when the little "gem drops" decide to fall off because yes, they do fall off? see those black circles at the tips of my nails? that`s what happens. these strips are easy to apply, a pain in the butt to trim and file down, they are thick, much thicker than the Sally Hansen ones. they claim to last up to 10 days but to be honest, I just couldn`t keep them on that long. I was doing my hair and it kept getting snagged on the edges of these things. I was not able to get a smooth edge when I filed them like I can with the Sally Hansen and I think I know why. see, these are actual stickers, they come off in one piece just by pulling on them whereas the SH ones are more like nail polish. I really wish I could have given THIS PARTICULAR design a better review but nope, just did not work for me. I am still open to trying out other designs to see if they`re any better.

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