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5 years ago

I received these Kiss Nail Dress stickers in my Influenster Love Vox Box. I was really excited to see them in there because I absolutely love trying out new nail products. I had such high hopes for these. Unfortunately my love and excitement quickly faded and then died off. In the box you get 2 sheets of the nail stickers, a nail file, and a little booklet that shows you the different designs they come in as well as ideas for manicures using these. Everything looks good so far. It would seem there are enough sizes of the design that you should have little trouble finding one to fit your nail (unless, of course, you have very long nails). The instructions tell you to prep the nails first by cleaning the nail bed with acetone or alcohol. CHECK! Then you select the size that best fits your nails. CHECK! Next, you are to smooth it down and fold over the edge. CHECK! Finally, you take the included file and file off the excess sticker. CHECK! And you are supposed to be done. Okay, that`s all good and well but one of the first things I noticed was that the little rhinestones were a beast to get filed off smoothly. If they ended up at the tip of the nail the edge was rough and no amount of filing was going to fix that. Secondly, I didn`t like how it was nearly impossible to NOT destroy your free edge when you are filing off the excess strip. I didn`t notice just how horrible they were until I took these off. UGH... not good. You can see there are some cute designs to choose from. The one I received was the pink zebra with rhinestones. They`re called Cocktail, I believe. I`m not the biggest fan of that design, but it could have been worse. I wish I had gotten a shot of the manicure immediately after finishing because that is when it looked best. It went down hill quickly, though. I put these on pretty early in the day. By the evening, my stickers were starting to lift up and away from the nail. This was a problem for numerous reasons. One of the most annoying was when I was in the shower. My hair kept getting caught in the gap between my nail and the sticker and pulling because it was getting caught in there. This also made the sticker lift up even more than it already was. These claim to last up to 10 days. I hadn`t even gotten through one yet! My attempted solution to fix this issue was to lay down some top coat. I figured I could salvage these with a bit of top coat to seal them back down to my nails. NEGATIVE! This just made matters worse. Sure, they were no longer lifting, but now I had this unsightly bubbling and rippling going on. It absolutely ruined the design of these. By the next morning I peeled them off. They were a far cry from being a lovely manicure. Removal was easy, though, even with the top coat on. I just grabbed a corner and peeled away. I don`t think these are good for anything other than maybe getting you through an event that is a few hours long. If you don`t want to take the time to get a manicure or do your own manicure, this is a quick fix. But, that is all. This isn`t something that is long term or will even last a few days. I definitely will not be purchasing anymore of these. I`m glad I received these to try out because it is something I would feel I`ve wasted my money on otherwise. Just FYI, these will run you at $6.99 per box.
*Product provided by the Influenster Vox Box program. All opinions are my own. I have not been paid or sponsored to review these.
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