Kiss Everlasting French Real Short Peach Nails

2 years ago

The Kiss EverlastingFrench was one of the free items I was sent about a month ago in the Spring Fling Voxbox from Influenster. I`ve never used press on or glued nails before, they`ve always kind of weirded me out to be honest. I guess it`s because I have this weird fear of having them rip off my real nail. So when I opened my voxbox and saw these I was apprehensive to say the least. Although, I`m glad I got the chance to try them as I probably never would have purchased them otherwise.

The application was fairly easy just find the ones that best fit your nails file the sides a bit if they`re not just right. Put some glue on the fake nail then your own and press the nail to yours for 5 seconds and you`re good to go. However I did have some trouble with a few nails bubbling it didn`t affect the hold at all and since the glue was pink it really the overall aesthetics but it didn`t look good up close.

After about six days of wear and tear one of my nails got a slight lift I probably could have glued it back down but I decided to take them off since they`re only recommended for up to 7 days of wear. It took forever to take these off! Its recommended that you use Kiss Nail remover solution but it also says on the box you can use pure acetone to remove them. So I used the acetone because that what I had on hand and I wasn`t running out to buy more stuff. I used the same method for removing gel nails after filing off the top protective coat from the nails I place a soaked cotton ball on top of my fingers and wrapped each one in foil to soak. Bewarned using acetone produces the most foul burning rubber smell! I had to let them soak for almost 40 min then try and whip the glue and disintegrated fake nail off before it started to set again and get hard. I may have to invest in the remover solution they sell if I were to wear these again.

Overall I like the professional look and effect these had and the the short amount of time they took to put on. I could see keeping a pack or two around incase of an event where I need my nails to look great in a pinch. But I would not wear these all the time since there is a large waste of material per package. They give you 28 nails in all but your only use 10 so thats 18 piece of plastic nails down the drain. This would be ok if it were a starter kit and you could go online and order more nails in the sizes you want/ need. Also it would be great to see if the company eventually accepted the unused pieces back for recycling and/or recirculation after some sort of disinfection process.

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