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4 years ago

I have a confession to make, I`m completely obsessed with Vitamin Water. I used to buy 5 bottles for $5 at Walmart and I thought I was getting an amazing deal.

Until I went to Costco and found a case of 24 For $12. That`s $0.50 a bottle! The only drawback was that it was the Kirkland brand.

All the bottles are 0 calories, which is great for anyone looking to lose weight. There are 4 flavors, which are completely different than the regular Vitamin water flavors but they aren`t bad.

Strawberry Kiwi - Tastes more like watermelon to me, which I like so I`m not complaining =P There isn`t much of an aftertaste.

Dragonfruit - Tastes like waterdowned fruit punch with a very sweet aftertaste.

Raspberry Green Tea - Tastes like raspberries and strawberries when you first drink it, then there`s a very faint bitter aftertaste that you get after drinking tea. It`s very similar to the Nestea cold teas you find at convenience stores. Currently, my least favorite one.

Orange Mango - My favorite one! It completely tastes like mango and is absolutely delicious! There is no funny aftertaste. It`s a shame that in a case, only 6 are this flavor.

Have you guys tried Kirkland vitamin water?

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