Kirin Milk Tea Review

2 years ago

Milk tea is probably one of the best things to drink. If I could replace milk tea with water, I would in a heart beat. But I don`t think that would be really healthy...But anyways, I decided to stop by an Asian grocery store today to pick some up since I was craving it. I don`t have a milk tea brand preference since I practically will drink any company that offers milk tea. I decided to base my choice of milk tea by the size of the bottle ha; the more milk tea it had, the better!

Most of the milk tea is offered in a single serving bottle that`s quite small, but the Kirin Milk Tea brand caught my eye since it came in a huge bottle! I decided to get three large bottles instead of one; you could blame it on my craving ha.


-Size: From what I have seen, Kirin offers two different sizes. The first would be the single serving bottle that`s about the same size as a bottle of pop you get from a vending machine, and the second would be the large bottle you see in the picture.

-Origin: From the looks of the bottle, it seems like this milk tea is Japanese.

-Taste: I really like the taste of this milk tea; it`s not too sweet or too creamy (where you feel like you`re drinking cream instead.) The texture is nice and smooth. I am really addicted to this right now and would probably drink all this in one sitting ha.

-Price: I can`t recall the exact price but I find the Kirin brand to be higher priced than other brands. I think this large bottle cost about >$8?

Overall, my craving of milk tea is semi-satisfied. I really like this brand and would recommend it to everyone who likes milk tea!

Do you like milk tea?

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