Kirby! Supa Staw! Whoo!

4 years ago

-Kirby has a special place in my memory. Every time i people think of Nintendo they think of Mario or Zelda, well i think of kirby. Kirby Super Star is like my favorite Kirby game ever. I mean he`s just so..... cute.... and so bad arse.

-Villains are stealing Dream Land`s food supply and you must play eight different games to save the provisions. Challenge King Dedede to a foot race in Gourmet Race, or fight a winged warrior in Dyna Blade. Megaton Punch and Samurai Kirby will test your reflexes. Prepare for battle when you challenge the Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of the Meta Knight, and Milky Way Wishes. When the going gets tough, Kirby can create a helper. If you happen to have a friend over, he can take control of the helper. Keep the residents of Dream Land full and satisfied in KIRBY SUPERSTAR.

-P.S. This game also has a remake(Kirby super star Ultra) on the DS. It`s also pretty dahm awesome.

-Bottom line is I love this game and you should too. This has been an Ace review, Thanks for reading.
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