Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep

5 years ago

Hello luuuxers!!
So today i`ll be talking to you about a theme that i usually don`t talk: videogames.
2 years ago I bought a PSP playstation portable slim, and since then I play sometimes (before that I only played on my boyfriend`s) and since then I`ve been enjoying a lot of games, and be entertained for times over times, I like simple platform games as well puzzle games and Buzz games.
Last week my boyfriend offered me a game that was different from what I`m used to play, he offered me Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, I already knew kingdom hearts for playstation 2, and even though I didn`t play them from beginning to end, I knew the story, and thought it was so cute, the story, the characters, the link between the main story and the different disney worlds, this game always had my attention, and now, I have the portable version! I`m enjoying it a lot!
In this game you control Aqua, Ventus and Terra, you play with all the characters, and each character has a different role on the story, and visit different worlds, and fights against different vilains. I`m playing with aqua now, and I`ve been on Cinderella World, Snow White and Sleeping Beauty world.
I love how well the graphics are designed, and how faithfull this is to the disney story tales! its such a cute game!!
And you, do you ever played Kingdom Hearts games?
Do You like video games at all?
Which games do you like?
Do you have any suggestion of games alike with this one for me to play?

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