Kinesio tape method

3 years ago

Hello Luuuxers!

Yes, this is my arm and it hurts a lot! I`ve been spending tones of time in front of computer, and was very active Luuux member, so I ended up with so called "computer arm". It is similar to what guys have after hours and days of gaming.
It`s not easy to earn all those Luuux $!
I tried some fisiotherapy, but results were not so good. Then my therapist came with this kinesio tape. It is realtivly new thing in world of medicine. You might saw this on sports pro, they use it when they have muscle problems.
I`m using it to help my computer arm, and to get better circulation. Tape is waterproof, so I can take a bath with it with no problems. And it`s pink too, perfect for girls :) Therapist will change it during next visit.

Did you ever had problems due to excessive computer use? Did you tried kinesio tape? Or you mabye have some advice for me?

Picture is mine, please do NOT steal!
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