Kinder Bueno Candy Bar

5 years ago

One of my favourite treats is Kinder Bueno! It`s basically a milk chocolate-covered wafer cookie with hazelnut filling. You can snap off pieces if you like, which is kind of fun! There are two small bars per package. In terms of design, it`s sort of a cross between a Kit Kat, a Rolo, and a Twix - the best of both (all?) worlds! :) If you are concerned about calories, the bars are only 120 calories each - 240 if you eat both in the package, which isn`t too bad at all. :) It`s not that expensive - it`s usually around $1.50 per package, so it doesn`t cost much more than more common/popular candy bars.

This candy bar is made by Ferrero, the company which also manufactures Ferrero Rocher and Nutella, so you know it`s good!

Kinder Bueno is widely available where I live in Canada, but I have heard that it`s hard to come by in the US. Can any US Luuuxers tell me if this is true?

In any case, I love this little candy bar, and think it`s perfect for an occasional treat!

<strong>Have you ever tried Kinder Bueno?</strong>

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