Kim`s Fashion : Then and Now

4 years ago

So Lately I have been noticing something that has REALLY been bothering me - The way Kim Kardashian`s fashion decisions have changed since she started dating Kanye.

Now, if you`ll remember (That`s if you watch the show), Kanye made Kim throw out most of her clothes and is now selling them on eBay. Not only this, but Kanye then bought her a whole NEW wardrobe (Because well, let`s face it, she didn`t have enough GOOD clothes to fit his standard, right?!?!?!?!)

So ever since this relationship has started to become more public and has progressed, I have been noticing how she has started dressing ... what`s the word ... CRAPLY! No matter if you are a Kardashian fan or not, you have to admit that the clothes she wore were nice. They fit her body shape. They accentuated all the right places and they were of high calibre. But now - That`s gone out the window.

Now, Kim and Kanye went public around the middle of April. (I had not realised it had been so long, but my research tells me so. Go Kimye!). And since then I have noticed that when she is with him, her fashion sense is blown out of the window!

Photo 1 : In this photo, Kim is rocking a bright turquoise pair of jeans with some nude and cream items to play up the jeans. This photo seems to be from back in April BEFORE she went public with Kanye. This outfit is Chic, it looks casual but still nice and she has accessorised it perfectly, giving her a great spring going into summer feel.

Photo 2 : This bold blue maxi with the cream, flowing tank top (I believe it is all one dress) perfectly shows her curves! The slit in it allows her to have some skin showing - something which is important when wearing a maxi. (TIP Do not have a slit in your maxi if you are wearing a strapless top). This outfit is from February. Again, Kim looks chic.

Photo 3 : The high waisted pants seem to work perfectly on her - despite her being short and her famously bodacious behind. The blouse is perfect with this outfit, the cream and the brown is just amazing. This whole outfit, with the bag and her hair and her accessories, is just so put together!

Photo 4 : Kim is attending Kanye`s fall/winter fashion show in Paris. Can anyone say OVERDONE?! Come on Kim! You of all people should know that it is NOT safe to wear that much cream! You need to break it up! The fur (fake or real is debatable, but not the issue) is over the top and those shoes?!?!?!?! Can anyone explain these shoes to me! I know Kanye designed them, but perhaps he should stick to the music. Honestly, hang those shoes up and go back to your louboutin`s.

Photo 5 : Ok, so where is her skin? It has been swallowed completely by this beige, snakeskin mess! Ok, does Kanye not want her to show her body AT ALL?! This is Terrible. If you wear a long dress (that also covers your neck?!), do NOT wear knee high boots. Just no!

Photo 6 : Ok I just cannot even describe this one. Horrible. Horrible. No. No. No. No.

Let`s be clear, I like Kim Kardashian, I just wish Kanye would stop controlling her fashion choices.

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