Kimchi Jigae

5 years ago

i absolutely love kimchi jigae! i eat/drink it as much as i can...which is not very often. :( i was first introduced to this delicious dish by one of my korean friends. she said that it was one of her favorite korean dish and she encourage me to try it. i was kind of scared to taste it because of it`s vibrant colors and teh spicy smell. but it was delicious! she told me how to make it but i kind of forgot. i do remember a little though. you get all the ingredients(i can only remember a few :P)-kimchi, gochujang (red chili pepper paste), sesame oil and seeds, and some leftover rice. sorry, i don`t remember all the directions. but i do remember that you boil hot water, mix it with some gochujang and some kimchi. bring it to a boil. then, you add your leftover rice into the spicy soup. so guys, have you ever had kimchi jigae?

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